Other Halo Films

Full Gas was made for Science In Sport by Halo Films Ltd. It is part of an ongoing series of special interest films that aim to inform, entertain, enlighten and teach. Each film is made for the user at home, be it an engaging, sport specific film like Full Gas, or an exercise class like Butterfly Tai Chi, a Halo film can be watched again and again to increase your knowledge and skill.

Waterbabies: A simple way to teach your baby to love the water.

Water Babies DVD CoverWaterbabies is an inspirational step-by-step guide that shows you how to introduce your baby to water. Featuring Lauren Heston – one of Britain’s most renowned experts and teachers of infant water safety classes, Waterbabies helps new parents develop Baby’s safety skills and confidence in water. Beautifully shot by an award winning production team, Waterbabies is stimulating and fun, giving endless opportunities for bonding as baby starts out on the journey that will make her a confident swimmer later in life.

Buy your copy now at www.waterbabiesfilm.co.uk

Butterfly Tai Chi: Health, Energy and Tranquility in 20 minutes a day

The traditional styles of Tai Chi consist of many movements joined together like a slow dance. One move flowing to another without hesitation. They usually have 108 movements and really need to be performed in a large halls or outside. In recent times it has become increasingly difficult for people to find room to practise such a long form and many find it hard to remember all the movements.

Butterfly Tai Chi has just 7 movements in the basic set and was inspired by the almost magical motion of butterflies. Soon after emerging from their Chrysalis, they flap their wings as if exercising before flying off. Butterfly Tai Chi copies this and can be performed in a limited space and a relatively short time – it involves virtually no
movement and, like the butterfly, creates a significant flow of energy around the body.

You can buy it at www.butterflytaichi.co.uk

FreeFall: Understanding Suicidal Crisis

Suicide is a devastating human event. Every day in the UK 400 of us will attempt to take our own lives; 15 will die. It can affect anyone regardless of sex or age, but is the most common cause of death in men under 35.

Narrated by Dr Tanya Byron and made by a BAFTA winning production team, FreeFall offers positive and practical steps to help vulnerable people reverse the downward spiral of negative thinking that can lead to suicide. Based on intimate personal case studies it examines in detail the factors behind suicidal crisis and together with experts in suicide and depression offers concrete help.

Freefall can be used as a training guide for medical practitioners, watched by those caring for vulnerable people or shown to those in crisis to prove that there can always be a positive way out.

For further information visit www.freefallfilm.co.uk